Books by Bob Bergin

Stone Gods, Wooden Elephants

Harry Ross, a now respectable antiques dealer and Aloysious Grant, a former lotus eater pal, uncover a previously unknown Khmer site, replete with statuary of unsurpassed beauty and value.  Unable to resist the chance to make a fast buck, the pair swashbuckler their way through a series of daring encounters with elephant-mounted Karen tribesmen, vengeful counterfeiters, and the Thai army. Book

When Tigers Fly

Asia hand Harry Ross and pal Aloysious Grant, two guys with an itch for life on the adventurous side, are on the trail of rare World War II Tomahawk aircraft sighted in the jungles of Burma.  In the employ of a rich U.S. war bird collector, Harry, and Aloysious scheme to separate these rare Flying Tiger planes from their current owner, a Chinese warlord who fancies himself a poet.  Supporting our heroes in their dangerous mission are a troupe of Burmese midgets with fashion sense, a savvy martial arts-trained courtesan, a feisty old Flying Tiger pilot and, for good measure, football-playing elephants. Book

Spies in the Garden

In the early days of World War II following the Japanese invasion and the disasters that befell the British army, the single bright spot was the American Volunteer Group (AVG) “Flying Tigers” who joined in the defense of Rangoon.  These events are the backdrop to the main story: the beginning of the American espionage effort in Asia known as the OSS.  Young journalist Harry Ross is sent to Rangoon by “Wild Bill” Donovan to set up an espionage network.  The story tracks actual events and characters. Book

When a Dog Barks in Bangkok at Night – It’s the CIA!

When American executive Rudolph Schmitz is murdered in his Bangkok apartment, it looks like, yet another local love affair gone bad.  Enter Harry Ross, old Asia hand with a long connection to Thailand.  Friends from an earlier time, now risen to power in the Thai military and intelligence world, want Harry to investigate the murder.  Flashbacks to the Vietnam era and drone attacks ensue.  Did we mention that the murder victim was missing part of his anatomy and had a ruby inserted in an unusual place? Book